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13:05-13:20; How to study at US top universities can help you prepare for future career, By: Ms. Rosalin Amelia Mesah13:25-13:45; Study and Work in Switzerland, By: Frank Schiele13:50-14:10; Popular programs and popular countries lead to career opportunity in USA, By: Mr. Takashi Brandon .M14:15-14:35; University Education Opportunities through Optima in PR China - The Pull Factors, By: Mr.Mogandass Ramalingam14:40-15:00; The Fast Track Courses for UK University Entrance, By: Mr.James Burnett

14:00-14:20; Get a degree from university of London, By: Mr. James Heath - Cambridge Education Group14:30-14:50; Benefit of studying STEAM in the USA, By: Ms. Yurika/ Ms. Chelsea - INTO Group15:30-15:50; 2 + 2 education, By: Mr. Takashi Miyaki - University of Hawaii – Kapio'lani16:00-16:20; What is a UK or Eropean university pathway programme?, By: Mr. George Warshaw - Study Group16:30-16:50; Does study at TOP University wean you have a good career?, By: Mr. Sam Tam - Kaplan17:00-17:20; What is the difference between colloge and university?, By: Ms. Vonny Agustine - Edmonds Commonity College

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